Sponsor Marketing Overview


Three Days of Outstanding Event Placement & Annual Branding Opportunities!

Thousands of saltwater sports and spearfishing enthusiasts, including over 360 competing shooters, will converge in St. Petersburg Florida on one epic weekend in August to see who will win The World’s Largest Spearfishing Tournament – The St. Pete Open. The excitement begins with the event kickoff party a few weeks before the Friday evening Captain’s Meeting where final information will be given to the shooters and their team captains. The following Saturday, the spearfishing begins at sunrise and ends at the evening weigh-in. The weigh-in is always a spectacular show to witness firsthand to see the incredible fish that are brought to the stage. It is truly a spectacle to behold and the attendee count reaches resort capacity every year. Many people will stay and party into the night at the beautiful Magnuson Resort. Sunday morning, all the competitors and their families gather for the awards ceremony, where over $68,000 in prizes are given away!

But just because the awards are given out and the boats are back on the trailer does not mean your benefits as a sponsor are over too. In fact, with the SPUC and St. Pete Open digital media you will reach 10’s of thousands of your target customers through event images shared online, social media posts to our friends and followers, focused email campaigns to our 5,000 subscribers, and exposure on the two club websites the entire year to follow!

Be a Part of Spearfishing History


Back in 1956, fifty divers entered the very first St Pete Open (SPO). The Open has grown every year, to an annual attendance of more than 300 competitors! Thousands of divers, over 40 years, have taken part in the St Pete Open, making it the premier spearfishing event in the world. No other tournament draws such a crowd, or has the consistently huge following of The St Pete Open, which is hosted annually by the St. Pete Underwater Club (SPUC). Each year the event sets new records in attendance, marketing reach, and sponsorship. Both the SPUC and the SPO have historically been leaders in developing the diving and spearfishing community. As such, this event has the largest attendance and reach; which makes it the most relevant way to compare shooters skills among the entire shooting community. Therefore, even placing in the SPO brings great pride to shooters and well deserved respect in the community.

Sponsor Event Placement Opportunities

The Shooter Shirt


The St. Pete Open Shooter shirt is given to each competitor in the event. It is long sleeve and has the event art on the top left chest with the designation “shooter” below it. This coveted shirt designates the wearer as one of the few that have participated in this prestigious event. The shirt includes Sponsor logos for those companies that exceed the minimum support level to be included. Sponsor logos are laid out on the back and along the sleeves with the size of the logo and placement reflecting their level of support. The larger the sponsorship the more space allocated to your company logo.

Sponsor Boards on Stage

The weigh in is the main event, fish hoisted to the crowd result in cheers heard round the bay and flashes galore. Every year, the crowd and our professional photographers snap away at the monster fish held up against your company’s brand. For qualifying sponsors, your brand image will be strategically located behind the action on the stage and it will be forever memorialized with the event photos, Facebook, Twitter and other social media shares by contestants and our club alike.Additionally, these photos are regularly printed in newspapers, magazines, broadcasted on television and shown in our own and shooters YouTube videos after the event. Space is given to every sponsor regardless of sponsorship level. Everyone gets at least a bit of space on stage at the SPO but those in the higher ends will have clear branding with the winning fish, no matter where the person taking the shot originates. The larger the sponsorship the more space allocated to your company logo.

NEPA Hut Banner Placement

The Nepa Hut serves as the stadium seating for the event and a high point to display your brand to this awesome crowd. While all sponsors are entitles to make their banners available to the event to be hung around the guard rail on the many sides of the NEPA hut that can be seen, top sponsors get the realestate that frames all the pictures, people, and stands out to the crowd. The Nepa Hut is the first thing people notice when they enter the event area whether they come from the water, the truck drop off, or the resort. Sponsors are required to provide their own banner hanging hardware and banners must be pre-approved based on size and content as space is limited. The larger the sponsorship the more space allocated to your company logo.

Awards Ceremony Slide Show

The awards Ceremony Sunday morning is a packed house with standing room only. All the shooters and their friends and families are crowded in to watch the scoring and the picks from the prize table proceed. For the entire duration of the awards ceremony, your brand will be rotating with others on the Awards Ceremony Slide show. For the slide show we promote your brand with a twist, we include you logo with action shots from the St Pete Open. This power point format becomes a focal point during periods of waiting between categories and on average your brand coupled with an action shot will be seen by the entire room 15-18 times depending on total sponsor participation. The larger the sponsorship the more space allocated to your company logo.

The Leader Board

The leader board is the only location that updates the event leader live at the weigh-in. Located between the weigh-in stage and the event photo board; it gets hundreds of pictures a night of people posing as they are on top of a moment. This board is also present Sunday for the Awards Ceremony where it is in most all of the award winner pictures and candid shots. Sponsorship is available as an additional fee to regular sponsorship. There is only one leader board sponsor per event. Everyone wants to be on it, you brand can be on it too, and all their photos and social media streams.

Vendor Booth for Brand Ambassadors, Products and Services

This event has the resort at capacity and there are a lot of enthusiasts who are there before many of the divers return along with those that could not make the tournament. We are offering sponsors space to have your team of brand ambassadors, products, services or an entertaining space to interact with the crowd and promote your company. These spaces are only available to sponsors and for an additional fee you can directly influence, sell and promote your company to the largest gathering of spearfishermen and women in the world. Talk about ROI! Get creative, we love thinking outside the box.

Marketing & Product Insertion to Shooter Bucket

Give the shooters what they want, a Bucket! Bloody fish make a mess and why reach for the saltwater wash down when you can scoop up a 5 gallon deluge to blast them back to sea. These buckets are printed with the event logo and are loved and received by all participants. All sponsors will have a small product sample, promotional item, gift certificate or literature included in every shooter’s bucket. Item size allowed corresponds to the level of sponsorship your company participates in. For basic sponsors, item will need to be small and cleared by our marketing chair so that all sponsor items will fit but get creative and we will get it in the hands of your target market! We give the buckets out on Friday night at the captains meeting so we guarantee your item will be in the hands of the shooter and usually right on to the boat! People have promoted with literature and coupons, branded sun screen, small cookie packs or snack packs with purchase discount promotions affixed, product samples, even a 4 pack of Reef Donkey Beer, you name it we will help get it in your perspective customers’ hands, not laying around the event grounds or sun baking on the end of a table somewhere. Want a bigger item; be a bigger sponsor. The larger the sponsorship the more space allocated to your company items.All sponsors will also have their maximum 8.5 x 11” single page company literature at both the designated sponsor literature table at the registration table the night of the captains meeting and at the awards ceremony sponsor literature table the following Sunday. We will get you message in the shooter and spectators hands.

SPO & SPUC Digital Media: Promote your company year round and drive them to your website and stores before and after the St Pete Open.

Dual Website promotion for the price of one!

The St Pete Underwater Club has modernized their digital presence for 2016 allowing you to benefit from a virtual 2 for 1 in digital impressions and links to your site! Both of these sites are brand new in December and are already averaging 350 of your customers per month. The St. Petersburg Underwater Club recognized a need to separate the club events, history, and web presence from their event The St Pete Open. In order to assure that people are aware of both the event and the event hosts and to assure that both websites received traffic we have the registration for the event on the club site and the live event promotion and action on a separate website for the event only. Both sites direct participants and spectators to your sponsor logo and link to make the interaction seamless.

www.StPeteOpen.com home of the event information and live broadcast! We will be live tweeting and live posting interactively with the participants at the event and these conversations will be featured on the top right and below the tab box on the page in real time. Visitors can see the live facebook and twitter social media feeds as well as live event images as they are captured and posted to the flicker feed. In addition, the weigh in itself along with special events preceding the event will be broadcast live via the video player which is currently playing two great promotional videos. There will be more than 3,000 unique visitors of this page that weekend!

www.StPeteUnderwaterClub.com is the clubs website to support both membership operations privately and promote the club, our values, our sponsors, and spearfishing events to the general community. This site is also the only and official location to register for the St. Pete Open event. I also has tabs to the right to allow visitors to quickly like our social media pages and sign up for our club and event newsletter and emails. This site has its own unique traffic base and comes up early in search for diving clubs and spearfishing club searches.

Sponsor Recognition Page with Logo & link (All Sponsor levels)

Every qualifying sponsor will have their logo on both the www.StpeteOpen.com Sponsor page and the www.StpeteUnderwaterClub.com sponsor page examples can be seen above. Logos are placed from left to right then top to bottom in order of total sponsorship amounts. Each logo will offer a click through link with a counter to measure user impressions and click throughs to sponsor websites. A report can be requested for sponsors contributing $2,500 or more. Whether people click 100 or 1,000 times,  a one way link from an event that is highly relevant to your customers searches will help increase your company’s position in web search results and drive more impressions and visitors to your site. Your logo and link will be live for one entire year following the event!

Home Page Sponsor Recognition with Logo & link ($5,000 and above Sponsor Level)

Premium level sponsor’s will also have their logo with a live link on both the www.StPeteOpen.com live event page home page, and also have their logo with a live link rotating along the bottom of all www.StPeteUnderwaterClub.com pages. These logos will receive the highest rate of impressions and click throughs as they will be present to the visitor on the first visit to the site and follow them the entire time. There will also be fewer competing logos to scroll through.

St. Pete Open Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr)

The St. Pete Open facebook page is our first and best social media event and sponsor promotion tool. As you can see in the above metrics, we have a significant reach. These posts have not been boosted and until 2016 have been written and posted by SPUC members without a marketing or copywriting background. This year we have added Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and others along with professional copywriters and strategists to boost this organic following to a global reach. Premium Sponsors will have the benefit of a boosted post that will drive traffic to their own website and increase brand awareness to more than 10,000 relevant prospects.

St. Pete Open Email Marketing

Over the last 50 years, the St. Pete Open has collected a loyal group of subscribers, registrants, and fans that participate, influence, and follow spearfishing and action watersports in general. We have accumulated 5,000+ email subscribers that appreciate both the limited and valuable information we send them year round. We have complex reports that measure the performance of these email campaigns to verify receipt of the email, how many recipients read them, how many forward, and how many clicks on the sponsor links to visit sponsor commercial sites. We have two options for email promotion for sponsors. We will work with you to drive results and return on investment.

  1. Firstly, we offer a local shop promotion to dive shops that are willing to offer registered shooters a limited time discount on equipment; we suggest 30% off retail for a two week period of time for registered attendees. There are many registrants who need last moment service and equipment and we want to push them to your local shops. All that is required to participate in this program is to be a local brick & mortar shop that will offer a 30% off discount for a two week period for registered shooters only. We will provide the list and the shooter must bring their ticket to your shop to qualify for the deal.
  2. For sponsors who participate at $5,000 level and above, we will draft custom email campaigns to push our subscribers to your website for a specific call to action. We will share the metrics of these campaigns with your marketing team and collaborate on the both the message and offer to assure it is a success.

Sponsorship Level Explanation

Sponsor levels consider product donation at retail value; therefore sponsorship in cash or direct payment by check or credit cards count double towards the sponsorship levels. For example a sponsorship of $500 will equate to the $1,000 level.
Sponsor Levels 2016 Final

Deadlines and Contacts for Sponsorship

Sponsorship Deadlines:

July 10th – All Logo and Sponsorship art due. Art format must be Vector files (Adobe Illustrator or other) submit to art@stpeteopen.com

July 21st – All sponsorship payments and donated equipment for in kind sponsorship are due.

Sponsorship Contacts:

For sponsorship questions or to sign up to be a sponsor – Denny O’Hern 727-692-6902 or by email Sponsor@stpeteopen.com

For sponsor art submission and questions about graphics – Luke Bonner art@stpeteopen.com

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